What have we learnt?


I hope you are staying well.

As we now find ourselves with  glimmers of forward movement in terms of being able to return to some forms of ‘normal’ life, I wonder what we can learn from these recent months of lockdown.

I have recently been asking clients what they think they have learnt from lockdown and the vast majority of responses  have centred around the importance of realising that things change, things are temporary and that it’s important to recognise what is important.    Some people may argue that we already knew this but there is a difference between knowing and really understanding?  I would say yes there is.

I am in no way minimising the very difficult times that we have been experiencing; people have lost loved ones, suffered economic hardship, businesses have folded, anxiety and loneliness have increased, families have found themselves separated.  However what we have been given is the opportunity to reflect and learn something about life, about ourselves, about our relationships, our careers and even gain an insight into changes that we may want to make.

So why not take the time today to just sit and reflect on what you have learnt and how you can use that learning in a positive way.