The cage of anxiety

Ever found yourself turning down invitations? Not applying for promotion or new jobs? That’s often where anxiety gets you … or rather keeps you …    stuck in your own cage.


Anxiety always causes pain and understandably we’d all rather run away from pain than keep going towards it!  And as a strategy, avoidance works well. The more we use the strategy of avoidance, the better we become at it and the more automatic it becomes …. But the real pain is that we unconsciously keep ourselves locked away from the world with all its opportunities and possibilities.

I’ve worked with many people to help them overcome their anxiety and get on with enjoying their lives and take steps towards their goals but someone who will always stick in my mind was the client who several months after we worked together to reduce his anxiety,  appeared on a TV quiz show and won it. You see, change is possible for all of us, even you!

Here’s to your 2020 and all the opportunities which are waiting for you … outside your cage.

Yvonne Morgan