How ready are you to make a change?

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January 2019 is just around the corner and yet  with the distraction of Christmas it’s easy to forget about making a change until January 1st has come  . . .  and gone!

Change is a process, not an event and like all processes needs a degree of planning.  Di Clemente & Prochaska (1998) identified 5 stages in the process to change:

  • Pre-contemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance

One of the most important stages is Preparation – without preparation (finding a gym that you like, finding a enjoyable route to run, teaming up with a friend to exercise etc) the best intentions fall by the wayside.

So as we approach Christmas why not take some time to reflect and prepare for the changes you want to make in January (or at any time!) and maximise your chances of success.