How can I control my anxiety?

Red flags and parasols:

The sympathetic nervous system is activated during periods of stress and anxiety; it can cause a wide range of physical symptoms such as palpitations, skin problems, insomnia, digestive difficulties, etc. It can be viewed as the body coming out in sympathy with the stress of the mind and almost waving a red flag to get our attention that something needs to change.

It’s common for us to rush to Google and self-diagnose or to rush to our GP in the hope of being giving medication to fix it. However, if stress is the cause and has triggered the sympathetic nervous system, then it makes sense that the stress is what we must work to reduce.


Luckily, we have the protective parasympathetic nervous system (always makes me think of a lovely parasol) which allows the body to carry out its functions calmly and effectively, or more accurately, allows the body to do what it already knows how to do!  When we learn to relax and reduce stress and anxiety, not only does the parasympathetic system take over but we can also have the opportunity to assess what we maybe need to change – we can’t control external events but the one thing we can learn to control is how we think and react to external events.

I see many clients for help with anxiety and the physical symptoms; we don’t spend time analyzing the past but instead look at learning how to relax the mind and body and look to the future with greater confidence, optimism and positive expectation.

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