How can I change things?

Have you ever … changed the picture?

As humans we have the most amazing tool called the mind, an amazing piece of engineering. However as with many things, it can work for us but also against us.
Have you ever dreaded blushing in an interview or feeling awkward in a  social situation and spent hours or days worrying about it only for it to be much worse than you even imagined?

The self-fulfilling prophecy is just that – a prediction that comes true. Well that’s great if your prediction is positive but not so great if it’s negative because we then store that negative experience as a memory, only to be reminded of it when we are faced with another similar situation.

What’s needed is a way to shift the focus of the prediction from negative to positive and there are several ways of doing this. One way I often suggest is to practise thinking about how you would like things to be.

I once had to work with a client by telephone as he lived too far away for face to face sessions. He was keen to apply for a promotion and so we worked on helping him change not only the way he pictured the interview in his mind, but also the way he thought of and pictured himself. I was so happy when he called to say he’d been offered the new job on the spot – I wasn’t surprised because he worked hard on changing his mental picture and as a result his mind worked for him.

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