Get curious about your emotions



I really hope you are staying well during these challenging times.

I think we have all found it hard to accept that we don’t have the freedom to go and do what we want, where we want and with whom we want and whilst that can be frustrating I’m sure we can all understand the reasons for this.

What we can all do is use this time to go inside, what do I mean by that? We now have the opportunity to look at ourselves, our thoughts, our habits and to evaluate what is really important to us, and what we  can maybe learn.

I often speak to my clients about curiosity and about allowing ourselves to be curious about some of the difficult emotions that we all feel from time to time.    Yes, I realise that  this may sound strange as our natural instinct is to get away from those emotions as quickly as we can!  But turning to pizza, alcohol, cigarettes etc does nothing to get rid of those emotions, at best they just take the edge of them … temporarily.

Our emotions exist for a reason and when we become curious about them we can begin to wonder what our emotions are trying to tell us … they give us an insight into ourselves.

We might find ourselves not asking for help; our curiosity might shed light on the fact that we fear rejection, however when we think about this rationally we know that nobody likes rejection but we also know that doesn’t stop some people  reaching out for help.  Rejection is rarely personal but our fear clouds our judgement to the fact that there are lots of other variables such as timing, context and of course the other person’s emotions about themselves!

Be honest with yourself.  are there  opportunities  you’ve missed because of your fear of being rejected?  At the time did you know  for certain  that you would be rejected – or rather your request would be rejected ?                    Of course not!!

So by being curious about your emotion you can gain a better understanding and of course realise that you can practice asking for help, even in small ways at first, in order to build up your confidence                  and the resilience to remember that it’s your request that                               might be turned down, not you.  

Use this time to go inside and turnaround some of those fears in order to change both the inside and the outside.

Stay safe and stay well