Chasing the cure on the outside

It’s human nature to want to find a ‘cure’ as quickly as possible and due to the advances in science and medicine we naively hope there is a cure for everything but sadly this is not  always the reality.   Not only is there not a cure for everything but there are some conditions for which even the causes are not agreed on, such as tinnitus.

Tinnitus sufferers  often experience a near-constant ringing or buzzing in the ear(s), resulting in extreme frustration which in turn negatively impacts on the quality of many areas of their lives such as relationships, work,         sleep and mental health.

By the time a tinnitus sufferer comes to see a solution focused hypnotherapist they will have tried many things in a desperate attempt to find a cure; referrals to ENT clinics, elimination diets (no salt, no caffeine, no alcohol), losing weight etc.  Understandably with no recognised single cause or solution (exposure to loud noise is often thought to be a contributory factor), lack of sleep, due to the constant ringing,  can often be accompanied by anxiety and  depression together with an increasingly  negative focus towards both the tinnitus and life in general.   Anxiety and depression also contribute to poor sleep and so a negative spiral quickly sets in.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can  help such a client accept that in the absence of any identifiable physical cause, relief and better management of the condition if often achievable  through regular stress bucket emptying.  Whilst stress as a cause of tinnitus is not  universally accepted within the medical profession, high levels of stress make tinnitus seem worse and more difficult to deal with.

Improved quality of sleep is one of the first benefits of relaxing the mind through regular stress bucket emptying, as it allows for a more rational perspective and calmer response towards life’s challenges.   The use of self-distraction via hobbies such as exercise and seeing friends, can be of particular value to a tinnitus sufferer as enjoyment captures our attention away from pain or frustration.   Regular stress reduction, improved sleep and enjoyable activities also   boost serotonin, a mood regulator, as well as another mood regulator dopamine, which is also associated with motivation.

Acceptance that there is no cure or magic quick fix  is the first step towards a new calmer perspective and an ability to shift focus towards the more pleasurable and positive  aspects of life because as the Buddhists believe, everything on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside.

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