Why we do the things we do – part 5 Growth & Making a Contribution

      The need for growth allows us to learn new skills and to fulfill our potential.  Without fulfilling this need some of us can feel as if our lives have stagnated or have reached a place where we feel bored with everything.   We don’t need to make huge changes in life to […]

Why we do the things we do – part 4

Our need to connect and to feel loved is extremely powerful.  In primitive times being accepted as part of your tribe meant safety in a world that was unpredictable and potentially hostile.  Today humans continue to need to feel accepted by their tribe however, unlike primitive times, today we belong to more than one tribe. […]

Why we do the things we do – part 3

To feel significant or important is a need which everybody has.  Just as with our other needs, we can satisfy the need to feel important through either positive or negative actions and behaviours. Positive significance can be achieved through our accomplishments in our education, career and relationships; these require consistent hard work and perseverance and […]

Pain Management

The management of chronic pain can require such a multi-disciplinary approach that many hospitals now have Pain Management Clinics.  Often there is no cure for chronic pain so the goal is to lower the pain so that it becomes bearable and has less of a negative impact on the individual’s life.  Chronic pain is debilitating […]

An orange cannot be an apple!

  In a world which is seemingly obsessed with positive thinking, positive action and success we can feel like failures as people if we experience sadness, a dead end in our plans or a broken relationship.  People are neither simply successful nor failures. It is our actions, behaviors and judgements which are central to a […]

Winning starts with winning words

  The impact of how we think and what we allow ourselves to focus on has been highlighted during this World Cup as we’ve witnessed some of the giants (Germany, Argentina, Spain and Portugal) knocked out by teams from countries without such a successful World Cup history. The England sports psychologist, in preparation for a […]