Anxiety when things change

Conavirus and anxiety

Nobody could have predicted that we’d all be faced with the present situation.

It’s impact on our daily lives cannot be underestimated; our social lives will change, our daily routines will change and for many of us our working lives will change, holidays have been cancelled, trips to the theatre and favourite restaurants won’t happen.

It all adds up to a huge unpredictable change over which we have no control which creates a feeling of fear.

Our emotional brain responds to fear by going into survival mode; we constantly play out the worst case scenario in our head and look for threat anywhere.

However to get through this we all need to take steps to reduce our anxiety so that we can respond to this new challenge as rationally and calmly as possible.

Simple things like:


1 Exercising at home, or in the garden are good at reducing anxiety. There are lots of free exercise videos on YouTube.



2 Taking time to calm your mind, learning breathing techniques can help us think more calmly. Again there are lots of free relaxation tracks on YouTube.





3 Using the internet to keep in touch with friends and family allows us to have important social connection.



We all have to accept that for the moment our ‘normal’ life will change so its important to creating a schedule for yourself that includes the above 3 points.

This is a challenging time for us all but one of the things that will help us get through it is by ensuring we look after ourselves to reduce anxiety.

Stay calm and stay well